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Moving Tips

Preparing for Your Move

Moving Companies Quincy MA Take any necessary measurements needed to ensure that all larger sized objects will fit through any possible obstacles (i.e., doorways, hallways, staircases, etc.
Moving Companies Quincy MA Check the dimensions at your new address. This is particularly important if any furniture was assembled in your home. Special considerations may be needed to move pieces in/out.
Moving Companies Quincy MA Jewelry, cash, coins, personal papers/documents, collectibles, highly-sentimental items and other valuable items should not be packed and should remain in your possession at all times.
Moving Companies Quincy MA Dispose of all explosives and hazardous materials like paints and pesticides. We can't move them due to federal regulations.
Moving Companies Quincy MA We offer disassembly and reassembly of furniture upon request (please make us aware of any special tools that may be required). You may also choose to handle these tasks on your own to save on time.
Moving Companies Quincy MA Take your beds apart before we arrive.
Moving Companies Quincy MA Take the mirrors off the back of dressers.
Moving Companies Quincy MA Disconnect washers and dryers.
Moving Companies Quincy MA Empty, defrost, and clean your refrigerator. Make sure it has at least 24 hours to air dry.
Moving Companies Quincy MA Cribs should be disassembled, too.
Moving Companies Quincy MA We can't disconnect any gas appliances or other "hard wired" appliances.
Moving Companies Quincy MA If you live in a house with a garage, put all of your packed boxes in it. If you don't have a garage or live in an apartment or condo, stack all of your boxes near your front entrance. (This can save us up to an hour of loading time.)
Moving Companies Quincy MA Reserve parking for the moving van as close to the front door as possible, at both your old home and your new one. The further we have to carry your stuff, the longer it takes, and the more it will cost you. Arrange for parking permits where required. ProHaul is bonded with the City of Boston and can obtain and post the appropriate parking permits upon request. There is a fee for this service.
Moving Companies Quincy MA If you live in an apartment building with an elevator or freight elevator, inquire about reserving it for your move. This can save a tremendous amount of time compared to sharing use of the elevator with all of your neighbors. Some property management companies and condo associations require a certificate of insurance from your mover before they will grant permission for use. We can provide this free of charge upon request.
Moving Companies Quincy MA Empty all of your dressers, chests of drawers, bookcases and desks. Box up the contents. Load/unload time is reduced when your dressers are empty. However, if they are really light, clothes may stay in your drawers because we wrap your furniture so that the drawers cannot open. The only items that need to be removed are heavyweight items, breakables, valuables, money, jewelry, or important documents.
Moving Companies Quincy MA Family and friends are a great resource for assistance in preparation for your move. They can help pack, watch children or pets on move day and make things easier when you are setting up your new home. When it comes to the day of the move, moving furniture, loading, and unloading the truck should be left to the professionals.
Moving Companies Quincy MA Make sure you are completely packed and ready to go when we arrive.

Things to Carry with You:

Moving Companies Quincy MA

The keys to your new home.

Moving Companies Quincy MA

Map of new town and directions to your house.

Moving Companies Quincy MA The telephone number of the moving company.

When Arriving at Your New Home:

Moving Companies Quincy MA Show movers where to place furniture and boxes.
Moving Companies Quincy MA

Check inventory to ensure that everything was delivered before signing delivery papers.

Moving Companies Quincy MA

Note any damages on the inventory sheet.

Moving Companies Quincy MA

Tip: It's helpful to have the movers read off the inventory numbers on boxes and furniture while you check the inventory list.